Brian Conlon is a “Personal Trainer for the Mind”, who has just established his business in sunny San Diego California. Not only is he awesome at what he does, but he also is an animal lover who watched my crazy shih tzu when I went on vacation. Why am I telling you all this? WELL, when it came time to make him a logo, I knew I needed to hook him up with something fantastic. It’s always tricky doing work with friends, you don’t want to step on any toes, and you really, REALLY want to make them something amazing. It’s safe to say the pressure was on!

He sent me this sketch as inspiration for the design:Image

OK, it might not look like much, but it was actually a fantastic start. My clients don’t need to be amazing artists, they just need to be clear in their direction, and Brian was definitely very articulate and straightforward with his expectations.


He wanted something that felt “organic”, but still “modern”, something “established”, but also “friendly” and approachable to his young, successful target market.

I executed his vision and came up with this:

ImageThis was my explanation of this mark: 

Per Client’s Instructions~ this is based upon the rough sketches provided by client, and elements of it are taken from logo selection provided by client. The colors were inspired by the “Invision PC” logo provided by client, and the “C”’s are meant to have a flowing, organic, natural shape (this looks similar to waves moving in a forward direction). Even though this has soothing, natural curves, it also has a masculine structure and cleanliness to it. There is also the idea of a solid “foundation” (portrayed by the text) which supports the circular icon. This has a nice balance of approachable, but also professional (which will appeal to the youthful, spiritual market the client wishes to target).

Pretty sweet right? OH but wait for mark #2! I always like to give my client’s a few options to choose from, since there are always multiple solutions to a problem when it comes to identity design. Most client’s want you to stick to their instructions carefully, but given Brian’s open mind and easygoing attitude, I thought I might be able to stray from his vision a little bit. 

I kept the idea of the three letter “C”s, and customized them to fit into the shape of a key. After extensive research about coaching, I found it really can be the “key” to a better, happier, healthier life. I couldn’t find a font that I liked to integrate into the key, so I invented one. It’s based on “Kepler”, but I’ve removed some of the embellishments so that you can see both the key and the letter C, neither overpowers the other. Check it out: Image

And here is my explanation: 

This concept integrates a key shape with three “C”s and also includes a monogram for the company name. The key relates to the idea of “unlocking your potential”, which is the goal of coaching & consulting. The key can act as your “Nike Swoosh”, and can stand alone, or with the company name. This logo looks a bit more “regal” and “elegant” than concept #1 with regard to typography, however, the key provides a balance of “whimsical” and “unexpected” to appeal to the young, successful target market. Colors are soothing, and the curves/circular motion show a natural flow and ease.

Ultimately, mark #2 was the winner, and you can see it in action on his website here.

He also got some business cards made, which I’ll have to photograph and put up on my blog one of these days. For now though, it’s a beautiful Saturday and I need to go enjoy this beautiful sunshine! Thanks for reading!