I was commissioned to create the brand for “Acme Pet Solutions” – one of the funnest projects I’ve ever done! First off, I love animals, and anything that improves their quality of life is all good in my book. I created two logo concepts for them to choose from, and from there, I built the website design. I wanted something clean/established looking, but also fun, whimsical, and approachable (plus, I couldn’t go too wrong with the images of cute fluffy animals). You can launch the website HERE.

Explanation for Logo Mark 1: This logo is very strong, but is the more friendly of the two concepts. This is a type based solution, so the name of the company really comes first. The sans-serif font is modern and very “corporate”, but the cat and dog silhouettes in the letters give a hint of “friendliness” and “approachability”. The colors are calm and soothing, less “cutting edge” and more “timeless”.



Explanation for Logo Mark 2:  This logo is very strong and solid, meant to show “safety” with the shield and collar symbolism (as a collar is something that keeps your pet identifiable, and sent home if ever lost in the world!) The colors are similar to amazon’s color scheme, and is meant to show with the orange that the product is cutting edge technology, but with the brown show a bit of friendliness/approachability. This mark looks like a solid, symmetrical “stamp of approval”.


…and the finished website!Image

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 1.21.06 PM