I am currently working on a logo re-design for a company who builds modern and eco-friendly steel roofing.

For each client, I do a great deal of market research in order to see which companies in the industry are successful, and seek to figure out why they are successful.  Their old logo was not very memorable, and did not convey the services that they offer.  Upon doing a great deal of research, I also found that whoever designed their logo seemed to have copied another company’s logo (scandalous!)

Check out the similarities:

This is the original logo…
…and this is the logo that so shamelessly ripped off the previous one! Bad!

I can’t emphasize enough that copying a logo is not only illegal, but it also doesn’t create effective branding.  A logo is the face of your business, it should be fully customized and completely awesome!

We decided it would be a good idea to shorten “Advance Cutting Edge Building Components Inc” to simply “ACE Building Components”.  It’s short, it’s easier to say, and it’s memorable.

Here is the logo I created for them – as you can see it’s a vast improvement on the logo that they had before.