I had the pleasure of creating a logo for “Cheap Eats Boulder”.  A blog that lets people know where to find tasty food in the city of Boulder at great prices!  Here is the logo, as well as an explanation as to how I came up with it.

1.  The colors are dark green, light green, and orange.  It is meant to look healthy, vibrant, and warm.  Orange is hip and fun, while green is calming and trust worthy
2.  The platter represents food.  It is upscale, and should exude quality
3.  The “ce” has the cents sign in it to represent that food is inexpensive.  However, the font is high-end and in 3d to represent quality
4.  The bottom font is thin and modern to contrast the font of the “ce”.  I’m trying to keep the design fresh and fun with this cutting edge font.